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Photos from San Francisco show at Amnesia

Posted by Hamilton on 27 March 2013

A collection of great shots from our San Francisco show from SneakLab

Goodbye Healthy Times Fun Club

Posted by Hamilton on 10 November 2011

R1- 3A

Yesterday marked the last show of Healthy Times Fun Club.

This is a collection of photographs that I’ve taken at Healthy Times shows over the last few years. Taking photos with that horrific green background always posses a challenge and sometimes I feel like every shot looks exactly the same. But that’s just part of the charm of the place I suppose.

Despite that incessant green backdrop, Healthy Times has been a really fantastic spot for independent music in Seattle since it started way back in 2007 (originally in the bottom floor of a Wedgewood house). It’s been very important for me personally and undoubtedly many others over the years. We played our first Song Sparrow Research show with cello and glockenspiel at Healthy Times. And when Welcome to the Potato Famine was coming out, it was really the only venue where I had any interest in doing our record release show.

Well before I go on too long I just want to give a colossal thanks to Jake and Rebecca and Malia and all the other wonderful people who put so much time and effort into making the place what it was.

Now look for the back of your head in these photographs!

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Union Bay Natural Area

Posted by Hamilton on 16 March 2011


Photos by Christopher Martin.

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Photos From the Studio

Posted by Hamilton on 8 March 2011


A few photos I took with my Pentax from the studio in Kirkaland where I’ve been working on vocals.

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Mic Check Photos By Harrison

Posted by Hamilton on 14 January 2011


A series of photographs taken by my brother Harrison Boyce in early April last year as I did some tests with my dad’s new tube mic in his home studio.

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Photo from the Can Can

Posted by Hamilton on 22 October 2010

Can Can

Photo by Isabela Garcia at the Can Can on 26 August 2010.

Work Begins On The Next Album

Posted by Hamilton on 23 February 2010

David and Kendall

Our first recording session for the next album took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day last month at Curio Confections in the U-district. We’ve been recording since but this was definitely the most photogenic session. Huge thanks to Chris Proff for helping engineer this session and Curio for the space and we got other workers for this and using an online paystub maker was the best choice for us. First six photos by me, last four by David (except the one with him in it which I believe Chris took).

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Operation ID Recording Session

Posted by Hamilton on 13 February 2010

The space

David and Evan from Song Sparrow also play in an a really badass instrumental band called Operation ID. Last weekend I engineered a recording session for them in a huge vacant house in Sand Point. We were busy but I did manage to shoot a roll of film over the course of the weekend. It was pretty convenient because the back of the house has a large yard and looks directly on to the Burke-Gilman Trail — perfect for just-did-eight-takes-of-the-same-song breaks.

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Photos From the Publicola Party at the Crocodile

Posted by Hamilton on 8 February 2010


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