Song Sparrow Research (2012)

Song Sparrow Research LP cover

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Song Sparrow Research

Hamilton Boyce – lead vocals, guitar
David Balatero – cello, electric bass, vocals
Kendall Becker – upright bass, vocals
Ryan Batie – glockenspiel, vocals, keys, percussion
Evan Woodle – drums


Tom Beecham – guitar on 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10; vocals on 2, 9, 10

and featuring

Ivan Arteaga – clarinet on 6, 9, 11; soprano saxophone on 6
Heather Bentley – violin and viola on 6
Luke Bergman – additional upright bass on 5
Christopher Icasiano – additional drums on 2 and 5

Recorded by Hamilton Boyce

Basic tracks recorded with the Colorsound Mobile Studio in Curio Confections, Seattle, WA

Additional engineering provided by Chris Proff

Additional basic tracks and overdubs recorded at the Balatero residence in Seattle, WA

Instrumental tracking and overdubs recorded at Hamilton’s house in Seattle, WA

Vocals recorded at Colorsound in Kirkland, WA

Mixed by Ryan H Weaver in Tulsa, OK

Mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI Mastering in Seattle, WA

Art direction by Harrison Boyce

Band photography by Chantal Andrea

Cover photography by Hamilton Boyce

Special thanks: Marion Seymour, Steve Boyce, Charles McEnerney and Nash Turley

All songs written by Song Sparrow Research – © 2012

Welcome to the Potato Famine (2009)

Welcome to the Potato Famine

1. Colored Paper
2. No Thoughts of My Own
3. Told To Send
4. From Mildew
5. Tall Landlords
6. Experiments in Feedback Control
7. Heavy Shit
8. Amp Dead

Released 2009

Produced by Hamilton Boyce

All songs by Song Sparrow Research

David Balatero – bass, electric piano, cello, backing vocals
Hamilton Boyce – vocals, guitar
Nash Turley – drums, harmonica

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