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“As the Clouds Drift By” Music Video / Short Film

Posted by Hamilton on 19 April 2012

Song Sparrow Research plays the role of a nature documentary crew who catch a glimpse of an undiscovered animal species and go on a mission to find and document it in the wild.

Video by Christopher L Martin, Hamilton Boyce, and Clay Giffin.

Featuring: Hamilton Boyce, Ryan Batie, David Balatero, Tom Beecham, Kendal Becker, and Evan Woodle

Watch and share on YouTube or Vimeo

Stream Prerelease of the New Song Sparrow Research Album

Posted by Hamilton on 17 April 2012

Listen to Song Sparrow Research (LP) streaming before it’s release on June 8th, 2012. This date will mark the release of a 12″ vinyl and digital download. Listen from the embed here or directly from Bandcamp.

Reworking Website

Posted by Hamilton on 12 April 2012

Hey we’re making some changes to the website. Apologies if something looks weird or doesn’t work. We’re gearing up for the release of our new album and are on our way to getting our part of the internet caught up with that. Exciting things soon.