Song Sparrow Research incorporates elements of rock, jazz, classical, folk, and experimental with guitar, cello, upright bass, electric bass, glockenspiel, drums, synth, percussion and assorted instrumentation.

In their self-produced recording sessions they’ve utilized unconventional spaces to achieve specific natural sounds, ranging from enormous metal-working shops for spatial echo to local wood-lined cafes for a warm intimate feel.

Many of the members met at Garfield High School while playing music together in various forms. Continuing to collaborate in later years, they formed Song Sparrow Research in 2006.

The band takes its name from a research project that lead singer and guitarist Hamilton Boyce was involved in while studying for his degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Washington.

Song Sparrow Research has self-produced and independently released two full-length albums and one EP.


Current Band Members:

Hamilton Boyce (lead vocals, guitar)
David Balatero (cello, electric bass, vocals)
Evan Woodle (drums)
Kendall Becker (upright bass, vocals)
Ryan Batie (glockenspiel, percussion, vocals, synth)



Song Sparrow Research 2012
Welcome to the Potato Famine 2009
The New Ragtime Revolution ep 2007



Jeff Buckley
Nick Drake
Marvin Gaye
Joanna Newsom
Talk Talk
The Velvet Underground
Brian Wilson
Yo La Tengo
Neil Young